The short answer to this is “yes”. You can buy guns online. When you buy a gun online it doesn’t ship to you direct. The firearm ships to an FFL location you choose and that 's where you pick up the firearm for an FFL transfer. You’ll still have to go through the normal procedure of completing a 4473 form. The firearm will not ship to your home address. When you buy a gun online it must be received by a Federal Firearms Licensed retailer.

Good firearm retailers base their price on fair market value. The margin on a firearm is incredibly small. Most shops make less then $25-30 on a new Glock. Seriously? On a $400-500 gun sale they earn the same amount as a small diner selling you breakfast for two.

There are a lot of FFL dealers who violate MAP online which really hurts the industry. MAP pricing is the Minimum Advertising Price set by the manufacturer. MAP helps to ensure the survival of the firearm industry.

Retailers who violate MAP are usually banned by the supplier. Violating MAP should tell you everything you need to know about how these retailers conduct business. When buying a firearm online you should look for customer service and reputation over pricing.